What is golfdigg?


golfdigg is a last minute deal golf booking application
available on iOS and Android. Quickly and easily book timeslots up to 7 days in advance
with up to 80% discounts! Offering deals from many great 3-5 Star golf courses all across Thailand, simply book and pay for your deal through the app via mPay, a world-class safe
and secure payment gateway.

Easy to Book

Only 3 steps to finish your booking.


Book any time between 8.00 to 23.59 everyday.


Pay by Credit card via mPay, a world-class safe and secure payment gateway.


Book golf courses for great prices up to 80% discount on your green fee.

Advance Booking

Book golf courses up to 7 days in advance.

Special Time

Special Timeslots available to enjoy more deals.


How to book a golf course?

To book a golf course, first you choose the golf course you want to play at (price displayed is per person) then please make the following choices:

  1. Select date to play golf. Please note that prices may vary when selecting different dates/golf courses. Not all golf courses are available every day.
  2. Select the time slot that you want to book among the available time slots.
  3. Select how many players will be in your group. Different courses may allow different minimum/maximum amount of persons/group.
  4. Total price will be displayed in the bottom left corner. Tap “NEXT” to book.

How to book an Event?

To book an event, first you choose the event you wish to join (event date and time are fixed and may not be changed) then make the following choices:

  1. Select the price you wish to pay, either the Regular discounted price or the Special price with even more discounts, but you need to spend your Golfdigg Points. Prices are per ticket/person.
  2. Select how many tickets/person you wish to buy for this event. Available tickets per booking may vary.
  3. Total price will be displayed in the bottom left corner. Tap “NEXT” to book.

How to book golf carts?

Here’s how to book golf carts:

  1. Book a deal like normal by choose time slot and players (You will be able to book golf carts at participating golf courses only)
  2. Select how many golf carts you wish to book, press Next
  3. Confirm the booking and Pay for your booking like normal
  4. Done!

How to payment?

When your mPay payment gateway appears, please complete the credit card information requested on the screen. The information requested is as follows:

  1. Add your credit card detail (Card Type, Credit Card number, Security Code (CVV), Expiry Date, etc.)
  2. Verification Credit Card (OTP SMS verification is one-time credit card verification for new credit cards. When you are asked to verify your credit card for the first time, you will receive a message on your phone. Please enter the verification number you were sent into the verification box.)
  3. Confirm your Payment for your booking
  4. Done!

How would I know I got my reservation?

After completing your purchase, you will be directed to a Thank You page containing the details of your reservation. You will also automatically receive an email containing your receipt and reservation details. Your reservation status on your Booking page will also change to display “Ready to Play”. If you see this page, you have successfully booked your tee time. If not, please check if your email address is correct in your profile or call 089-333-1000

I can’t reserve a booking!

Please make sure that your last reservation has been paid, Incomplete reservation will prevent further reservations. To check the status of your reservation, go to the Booking menu and find your previous reservation. If the status says “Ready to Play”, you have completed the payment. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact 089-300-1000

If you have any questions or issues, please contact our Golfdigg HOTLINE

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